Y.AR.N.S. C.R. was founded in 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There wasn’t really a formal guild in the area specifically focused on knitting and crocheting. Guilds for almost all other fibre arts (weaving, spinning, rug hooking, needlework, etc) exist in the capital region. With the creation of this guild there can now be a voice for all yarn arts at the Focus on Fibre Arts Association.

As we are still brand new, we are still planning how this guild with exist in the fabric of the Edmonton fiber arts community. We have several big and crazy ideas.

  • Y.AR.N.S. is a safe and inclusive organization, and will formally recognize the protections of the Alberta Human Rights Act (this was very important to us).
  • We are about personal development, whether that is in yarn arts or public speaking skills or teaching skills.
  • We’d also like to run special events, either ourselves or in conjunction with other area guilds.
  • Lets make it easier to communicate and take part! We want to leverage communication technology for planning, meetings, and eventually educational opportunities (i.e. Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime).

We have a great community of yarn artists here in Edmonton. In fact, that was in part my inspiration. Did you know that each knitting group in Calgary has their own Ravelry group, but Edmonton only has this one group for all our varied and different groups? We are all connected, even if we never go to the same groups, because someone at the groups I go to also goes to the groups you go to. YARNS is merely going to expand on that, offer opportunities for people who aren’t yet on Ravelry to find us, create educational and development opportunities, and in the end teach more people to love yarn.